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    Inside diameter of a cutting tube or a round die.
    (DIF) Data Interchange Format, conversion utility formats, also known as file formats that allow importation or exportation of files from one software application into another that duplicate the quality of the original file into the new application program. Below is a list of common import conversion filters: Formats: CF2 European version of DDES2 format DDES2 Protocol developed by the National Association of Diemakers and Diecutters to allow different CAD/CAM systems to communicate with each other. PICT Macintosh. PIC Lotus 1-2-3 graphics. WPG WordPerfect graphics
    (1) In printing, the pressure of type, plate or blanket as it comes in contact with the paper. It is true for diecutting. (2) The image transferred from the printing plate to the substrate.
    A press coupled to another operation such as sheeting, die-cutting, creasing, etc.
    A feed system for a cutting press which incrementally feeds material to be die cut into a die press in increments of inches equal to the depth of the cutting bed of the press. Also called progressive feed as in P-Feed Dies.
    Steel rule dies that is progressively or incrementally fed under the head of a platen cutting press. This type of die is common for diecutting upholstery or other large parts.
    In diecutting, the advancing of a web of material through a cutting press is referred to the indexing of the material in definite measured increments of measure.
    A type of diecutting where the cutting die cuts against or slightly “into” a soft type-cutting surface. The concept is that the die penetrates into the cutting surface a minimal amount to create a clean diecut. By using “into” diecutting, the soft cutting surface compensates for any unevenness of the die blade and does not affect the sharpness of the die blade.