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    One of the wave shapes (A, B, C, E or F) pressed into a corrugated board. An E-flute has 90 flutes +/- in a 3-foot length or 295 +/- in a 15-meter length. The approximate height of the flute is .062″ (.157cm) not including the thickness of the facings. The take-up factor of 1.27, See FLUTES or CORRUGATION.
    Electronic Discharge Machining Process for removing metal- as in rotary dies.
    A close tolerance die, made by using a Wire EDM machine to wire cut out the internal shape of the die from a solid block of tool steel. EDM dies can hold a tolerance of +0.0001″.
    Refers to rotary cutting dies made from a solid round blank of hardened die steel. The cutting blades are Electronically Discharged Machined onto the round blank of die steel
    Open or closed cell sponge rubber, gum rubber, neoprene rubber or sponged cork rubber used to eject the diecut piece or lay-up of material from a cutting die. The ejection rubber must be placed in the die to adequately eject the material being diecut. This is often a trial and error process. The die ejection rubber should not be in direct contact with the die blades, but have a small separation between the edge of the ejection material and the die blade to allow for rubber expansion in the die.
    An electronic heat seal die is a brass rule die used with a RF (Radio Frequency) generator which seals two pieces of vinyl plastic together. The brass rule resonates to a high frequency, which seals the plastic sheets together.
    A geometrical figure like a flattened curve. Ellipse creation is an automatic function of virtually all computer graphic systems.
    Impressing an image in relief to achieve a raised surface; either over printing or on blank paper (Which is called blind embossing). A technique for impressing a design or texture into a sheet of material from the back of the sheet so that the design extends toward the viewer.
    Engraved or cast die that embosses a design into sheet of paper, paper board or other material that will allow an embossed image to be permanently fixed in the material such as leather or some plastics.

    A general term normally applied to any pattern, which has been cut into or incised into a surface by hand, mechanical or etching process.

    Electronic modulation of a laser beam to produce a very high peak power at the initial stage of a pulse. This allows rapid vaporization of the material without heating the surrounding area. Such pulses are many times the peak power of the CW mode.
    A rotary panel die that is used to diecut the window panels in envelopes.
    In photoengraving, to produce an image on a plate by chemical or electrolytic action. In offset-lithography, an acidified gum solution used to desensitize the non-printing areas of the plate: also an acid solution added to the fountain water to help keep non-printing area of the plate free from ink.